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Each day, we find ourselves asking if we belong in the tech industry?

As we interact in cognitive and social constructive cultures providing cooperative experiences of learning through social interactions, we take care in sharing computer programming literacy. Technology has gained as well as maintained people’s attention through meaningful experiences which could relate to the higher degrees of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In order to transfer attention towards your own creativity and metacognition, I strive to share statistics and the percise need for developing certain software applications. In person, we start by identifying with what is important in order to initiate the conversations promoting learning transfer. Collegiate hackathons and community involvment encouraged us to respect multiple perspectives and representations of content for furthering the knowledge construction process. Up to date, I've been able to create a novel and complex mashup of software engineering to produce a pending patent application called Maw & Paw ATL. I share the process of this experience through maintaining a blog to jot down ideas, provide coding courses to reflect soothing dosages of medicine for any project, and I hope this process will be a remedy to others who are curious about the possibilities. Research shows that people with the highest IQ’s do not spend time memorizing every little thing. They achieve intelligence by testing themselves frequently.

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Health Care




Bracelet One℗

Bracelet One℗; provides African-Americans with assistance to digital healthcare for handling Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. The app accepts payments to assess, record, present analysis, and deliver health documents in real-time. The app also includes 1-on-1 communication with a certified clinician. 1-on-1 communication is only available during the scheduled appointment times designated by the clinician similar to a healthcare appointment.

The overall arching goal of the application is community literacy, donating research to the National Institute of Mental Health, and expanding the application with computer vision to assist with a diverse range of diagnosis.

Follow the Bracelet One℗; Project on GitHub


BeLive is a consulting project and their homebase is in the Atlanta Tech Village, the fourth largest tech hub in the world. It's been an absolute pleasure to assisting with such an innovative product and we're all on edge waiting for the release.

Turner Broadcasting Mobile Ads

As a part of the MSS Team at Turner Broadcasting which was considered as the technology Wal-Mart for Turner Broadcasting due to servicing all of Turner's major brands such as CNN Money, CNN, NBA, NASCAR, Cartoon Network, and many more to name. Laurence Wingo's role was to implement sandbox environments to thouroughly test software before being released to the public. Connect with Laurence Wingo on Linkedin.

Getty Images and Eboticon

A recent public success in 2018 includes the emoji app called Femmoji which is a partnership between Getty Images and Eboticon. Together with Eboticon, we've worked together to release over 11 emoji applications such as NotKarltonBanks (Instagram comedian), Eboticon (multiracial skin tone emojis), and themed stickers. Eboticon is a animated emoji app development company that has successful partnerships with instagram celebrities and Getty Images. Our role at Eboticon included maintaining new in-app purchases, creating team provisioning profiles to on-board new team members, and deploying production as well as test apps. Learn more about Eboticon.

Georgia State University Panther Hackers



As the co-founder of the Georgia State University PantherHackers iOS Workshop, we provide a learning environment for students to build iOS applications together from the ground up each week.

After just one semester, we'll prepare you to go on to develop your own apps and receive internships in the industry. Learn more about the workshop.

Current Project: Maw & Paw℗

Maw & Paw℗ provides animal therapy and health advocacy for the southern gentleman. According to a study by Science Daily, diabeties is more prevalent in southern states of the U.S. Imagine being able to use a brain computer interface to assist in training a new diabetic alert dog through the use of an EEG accessory and spinning motors attached to a dog's collor made with Arduino. The application can provide new mode of training alert dogs inclusive with clinical risk assessments to measure the effectiveness for at risk diabetics and their new companion. Track exercise performance, receive services such as dog grooming delivery, and expect direct contact with animal behavorist through the CareKit framework. This idea started by creating individual app ideas into a collective solution with the capabilities of Apple frameworks which is sometimes overlooked in our opinion.

Amusing Apps We've Touched in the Past

Learning computer programming architecture hasn’t been an easy story to articulate but as a Human Learning and Development advocate we land a delicate balance between classical mythology, counseling, and programming which continues the creation of something thrilling. From designing apps for kids to discovering heartfelt discussions about design patterns, testing, and coding logic. Circa April 2019.

Dosages of Code

I've officially started as a Sensei at Code Ninjas Atlanta! As a proponent of increasing knowledge, we help community organizations such as Code Ninjas and Georgia State University's Digital Learners to Leaders. DLL is a funded organization at Georgia State University that provides immersive summer programs for high school students to consider careers in e-sports, robotics, and game development. Throughout the year, I also help fellow students learn the Swift language during weekly iOS development workshops throughout Fall and Spring semesters at Georgia State University. Here is an example of video of describing test-driven development in Swift:

Reviews From Employers

Vinay Sharma

Stanley Black & Decker

I appreciate and thank you for all your efforts towards making the Tool Connect project a success. You joined the team at a juncture where we needed somebody like you to hit the ground running, you did exactly that and more. I am a firm believer of the fact that for a team to be successful every team member needs to contribute fully, you were a key part of the team and you did contribute 100%. I wish you success in all your future endeavors.

Tracey Pickett, ESQ


Very few companies are lucky enough to find a developer as talented, hard-working, and reliable as Laurence! He is a true team player, rescuing as we went through heavy iOS development cycles. He has truly become one of Eboticon's most valuable assets. I highly recommend this guy!

Herb Ford

Turner Broadcasting

I personally hired Mr. Wingo because of his experience with mobile development. I placed him within our QA team to assist in leading mobile testing. He has worked with both our domestic and international teams to test advertising campaigns before launch into production environments. Definitely dependable, hard-working, and always willing to go the extra mile in a short amount of time.

Debra Cronin

Georgia State University

Laurence has been working as a web developer utilizing various web development tools He has contributed to our team by presenting creative ideas and being able to articulate the benefits. We have received nothing but positive feedback from our customers, and we continually receive requests for his services. I highly recommend Laurence for employment. He is a team player, consistent, dependable, and would make a great asset to any organization.

Troy Scott Smith

Georgia Perimeter College

Laurence came to GPC having already begun a couple of start-up enterprises in web design, so he's something of a quiet, unassuming go-getter!

When it was time for the expansion of the Office of Information Technology Customer Service Deparment, Laurence was the first person I thought should interview for a web design position with them, and he was the first hired. He worked with a fledgling team, interacted with directors, assistant directors, and others, from a multitude of different areas inside and outside of OIT, to help develop the site. That project is now in its final stages.

To sum up, Laurence has impressed us with his abilities and genial demeanor. Not only is he a nice guy to have around, but it is quite easy to believe that Laurence will accomplish anything he sets his mind to achieve.

Monique Murray Rainey

Ryan Cameron Foundation

Laurence has volunteered with the Ryan Cameron Foundation (RCF) a total of 60 hours over the past year. He has participated in programs such as, 4th Annual Health Fair, 10th Annual Father Daughter Dance, and Adopt-A-Highway Clean Ups. Laurence has been a volunteer for the last 2 years and spends 20-40 hours annually volunteering for RCF.

The Ryan Cameron Foundation is an Atlanta based non-profit 501c3 organization committed to the youth of Atlanta. The RCF is dedicated to creating healthy transitions from childhood into adulthood with resources and programs designed to empower, inspire, and encourage self growth.

Kevin Kelley

Georgia Bureau of Investigation

Mr. Laurence Wingo has been employed with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation assigned to the GCIC Connectivity section within the Georgia Crime Information Center, since May 2007. During this time period he has proven himself to be a very valuable employee. He is self motivated and does not hesitate to ask questions and do whatever it takes to get the job done. He has an excellent work ethic, extremely good personal skills, and is very dependable. In my opinion, with all the excellent qualities that Mr. Wingo possesses, he would be a valuable asset to anyone that selects him for employment.